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    Best Closure Wig – What to Consider?

    Consider the following factors when choosing the best closure wig.

    HD Lace Wins

    Silk and lace are the two most commonly used closure types. In the past, many people loved wearing silk closure because it hid the hair knot under the fiber and looked more natural.

    However, silk closure is thicker than lace, and you need to find a fabric that matches your skin tone if you want it to blend well with your skin. In other words, silk closures are usually less breathable and need some tint work.

    On the other hand, lace closures are thinner and more breathable. However, they are made with lower-grade laces, like transparent lace. You may need to apply makeup to hide the lace.

    As an experienced hair expert, I suggest you pick an HD lace closure because it is more transparent, with finer mesh. Basically, it will blend well into all types of skin tones.

    Here at Keswigs, we only use HD lace to make closure wigs, and we even do the knot bleaching work for you. You can wear the wig straight out of the box!

    Pre-plucked Hairline with Baby Hair is a Must

    One of the main reasons to choose a closure wig is it is easy to install and will save you a lot of time. As mentioned, a closure wig is great for beginners. Plucking a natural-looking hairline is delicate, so always opt for a wig with excellent pre-plucking work.

    All the closure wigs produced by Keswigs come with pre-plucked hairlines and baby hair. We have carefully crafted the hairline so you can wear the wig immediately after receiving it.

    Look for Virgin Human Hair

    Virgin human hair is the best hair you can find for making wigs, they are collected from a single donor that is young and healthy. Virgin hair is more durable because it has never been treated with chemicals. So you can bleach, dye, and heat style them like your natural hair.

    Virgin hair is super soft and bouncy and being the healthiest, is guaranteed to last for an extended period. They also look very natural, so people won’t realize that the beautiful hair on your head isn’t really yours.

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